Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Welcoming Comet Rae

Comet Rae entered our world surround by a very tired but excited family.  There is a great story that goes along with the delivery of this beautiful girl, I hope to have it up on the blog soon.

Needless to say we are all very smitten by this energetic, affectionate, and happy little doeling, our very first delivery as a goat family! Sigh......

Curled up in the warm sunbeam! She plays, she eats, she sleeps and repeat! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

News on the Pilgrimage

In June (10) turkey poults will be arriving on the farm.  They are being raised for our First Annual Thanksgiving Pilgrimage.

We are hosting a Thanksgiving gathering that will only serve local farm grown food.  The Pilgrimage will be held outside with as many family and friends as we can possibly gather!

More info and progress of the turkeys coming soon.....

Bee School!

Well, as promised, Bee School was amazing.  Rick Cooper over at Bees-N-ME is an absolutely amazing teacher.  I have piles of books in my home, which I enjoy very much, but I learn the best from spending time with knowledgeable people.  I visit farms, ask questions, and enjoy having a go to person.  Rick is now my forever go to person for beekeeping!

We will be adding one hive of honey bees to the farm this summer.  If all goes well, we will continue to build on that.  I have two more classes to attend with Rick and then in April the bees will come!  Very exciting, there are sure to be many stories and pictures of this journey!


There are 29 hens and 1 rooster living on the farm right now.  They are all for egg production only.

More hen and rooster stories coming soon....

Welcoming Autumn Sunset

Bryar spending time with Autumn.  Annie Mae (to the right) is keeping an eye on things!

Autumn Sunset

This is Autumn Sunset.  Autumn is a beautiful Nubien doe.  She is super, super sweet, healthy and easy going.  Autumn joined our family just yesterday, Sunday February 26, 2012.  It was a long day of traveling and introducing Autumn to her new barn and herd.

Annie Mae instantly began to establish that she is queen of the Busy Acres Goat Herd, Autumn was fine with that thankfully.

Annie Mae

This is Annie.  She is a super sweet, very happy and healthy Nubien doe.  Annie is due to kid soon, we are all on high alert watching for any changes in her behavior or eating patterns that will tell us she is getting read to deliver.  Even though Annie has only been with us since November 2011, I have MANY stories  to share about her.

I look forward to doing that soon!